Burberry Successfully Concludes Acquisition of Italian Supplier Pattern to Strengthen Outerwear Category


British heritage fashion brand Burberry has confirmed the successful completion of its acquisition of the Italian supplier Pattern. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing Burberry’s value chain in the outerwear category.

The news of Burberry’s acquisition of Pattern came to light in March of this year when the fashion house revealed its investment of approximately 21 million euros in the deal. Prior to this acquisition, Pattern had been a long-standing partner of Burberry, collaborating for two decades in producing luxury ready-to-wear items, including the iconic gabardine trench coats, from Pattern’s base in Turin, Italy.

Burberry emphasized that this acquisition aligns with its commitment to embedding sustainability throughout its value chain while complementing its existing production facilities in the UK.

Jonathan Akeroyd, Burberry’s CEO, highlighted the importance of this strategic investment, stating that it would enable the brand’s outerwear category to reach its full potential. He also noted that this move would enhance Burberry’s capabilities, ensuring greater control over product quality, delivery, and sustainability. Akeroyd expressed excitement about this development and welcomed the new colleagues who joined Burberry as part of the acquisition.