King Charles, royal family have plan to keep Prince Harry’s children away from Meghan Markle

Speculations about the impending split between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gaining momentum, and experts believe it’s likely to happen soon. In the midst of these speculations, King Charles appears to have formulated a strategy to keep the Duchess distant from their children.

The 74-year-old King allegedly has a strategy in place to maintain distance between Meghan and Harry’s children, amid rumors that the Duchess may demand a substantial $80 million in child support from the Duke.

If the split between Meghan and Harry occurs, the monarch reportedly has a plan to keep the former ‘Suits’ star away from his grandchildren.

Various British and international media outlets have been abuzz with the rumor that Meghan could seek a massive $80 million in child support from Harry. This speculation has reportedly reached the royal family, with Buckingham Palace seemingly prepared to aid Harry in countering Meghan’s purported plans.

Consequently, the media is buzzing with reports about King Charles III’s strategy to keep Meghan away from her children.

According to local press reports, King Charles’ plan involves gaining custody of his grandchildren, limiting Meghan’s access to them.

Interestingly, it seems the King wishes to keep his grandchildren both outside the royal lineage and away from the Hollywood limelight — a feat that seems almost impossible considering their mother’s prominent public profile.