Christina Aguilera is offering MasterClass singing lessons

Watch Christina Aguilera Teach a MasterClass on Singing
Watch Christina Aguilera Teach a MasterClass on Singing

Want to Sing Like Christina Aguilera? There's a Class for That (and She's Teaching It!)

Christina represents the music arena and has already been a six time Grammy Winner. What makes her more loved is that she is giving ready options to other to learn her techniques. The financial aspect is also not  too unbearable and the interested ones have to part with just 90 bucks. It is via Twitter that Xtina has let everyone know that she has joined MasterClass which is an online education platform.

An added step is that she has joined and brought in coaches and singers of the calss of Kevin Spacy, Serena Williams and Usher and asked them to share their success secrets to the ordinary interested ones who want Aguilera also provides some much-needed inspiration, reminding students, "Technique is only a quarter of it…passion and drive, is like, 100%" (We like the math, Xtina.) 

The website explains that Aguilera will be teaching how to "expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her 6 Grammy awards," through exercises such as breath control and vibrato. If you’re interested, you can even try out one of the vocal exercises from the class on the MasterClass website.