Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Pays Tribute to Scotland at Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2024

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy paris fashion week men
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy paris fashion week men

At Paris Fashion Week Men’s, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection with a unique film screening at Silencio des Prés.

This latest collection acts as a tribute to Moshkirk, Scotland, celebrating the enduring spirit of a distinctive subculture.

The backdrop of the collection is set in 1979 Moshkirk, as described through notes by Magnus McPewitt, an 18-year-old from this obscure Scottish village. Moshkirk is portrayed as a village mysteriously cut off from the world due to a meteor sighting, leading its inhabitants to develop unique fashion sensibilities influenced by punk, dancehall, disco, new wave, and post-punk styles of the era.

The AW24 collection of Loverboy is deeply rooted in this story, exploring the emergence of creativity amidst trauma and adversity. It reflects on the bizarre, extravagant, and playful aspects of life during challenging times.

Isolated, the people of Moshkirk embraced the cultural ethos of 1979, a time marked by Margaret Thatcher’s ascent and economic struggles in northern regions. Their commitment to the vibrant and joyful aspects of the late 70s showcases resilience and the ability to recover from hardships.

Loverboy, established by Charles Jeffrey, has grown from a small East London operation to a renowned international brand based in London’s Somerset House. In its eighth year, the brand is represented in over 90 stores worldwide and is supported by a team of ten full-time employees.

Loverboy’s acclaim stems from its unique approach to fashion, blending Scottish heritage with the vibrancy of London’s queer nightlife. The brand maintains a focus on inclusivity, offering fashion that is accessible to all. Currently, Loverboy is exploring themes of nature, the body, and queer wellness, and is actively seeking innovative collaborations with artists in residence.