Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can still salvage marriage with ‘hidden strength’

Despite the reported marital difficulties between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, hope remains for the couple to reconcile their issues.

Prince Harry is said to be planning a trip to South Africa, a journey of self-discovery and work, as he films a documentary about his late mother, Princess Diana, for Netflix. Meghan, however, will be staying in California with their two children, focusing on her own projects.

Sally Baker, a senior therapist and relationship expert from Working On The Body, suggests that being apart for extended periods may actually reveal hidden strengths in their relationship.

Speaking to Mirror US, Baker shared that it’s quite natural for external circumstances and significant life events to profoundly influence any relationship, for better or worse.

She emphasized, “A solo journey like Prince Harry’s to Africa could potentially strain a relationship, particularly amidst ongoing divorce rumors.” Yet, she added, these kinds of hardships can sometimes bring couples closer. With commitment and effort, time spent apart might grant fresh perspectives and greater appreciation for each other.

The news of Prince Harry’s solo trip surfaces during a period where the couple is reportedly “taking time apart”, as per RadarOnline, which suggests that the Duke feels out of place in Meghan’s glamorous Hollywood life.

Insider sources also claim that the couple is experiencing significant financial stress, which is adding more strain to their relationship.

The couple was already grappling with a financial crisis when their deal with Spotify collapsed, leaving their Netflix deal in a precarious position. In response, the pair is now exploring individual projects.

Most recently, amidst rumors of a split, the couple jointly announced a new charity aimed at involving men and boys as allies in promoting gender equality.