Jack Whitehall QUIPS One Direction split aided Darby Camp in crying scenes

We’re just a few days away from cooing with bubbling joy at the cutest giant dog named Clifford in Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The talented ensemble is brimming with witty talent as comedians like Jack Whitehall and John Cleese join the fun with Big Little Lies’ breakout star Darby Camp taking charge. Pinkvilla was humbled to interview the amazing cast of Clifford the Big Red Dog ahead of its India release.

While speaking with Jack and Darby, who plays the unconventional uncle-niece duo of Casey and Emily, I asked Camp how she was able to shoot the emotionally-stirring sequences with the CGI dog, which may have been more difficult and challenging for her than to work with acting stalwarts like Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies and Julia Roberts in Gaslit.

“Yeah! The scene where we’re on the pier and I can’t spoil anything, so I can’t say why, but it was a very sad scene and it was pretty difficult on having to break down and cry to this dog head, that’s not a real dog. So, that was a little bit more difficult, but I think that it’s going to turn out really well once they CGI Clifford and it’s going to play really well,” Darby confessed.

Whitehall had his funny hat on as he couldn’t help but bring up his favorite boyband in the whole world, One Direction, into the mix.

“And I was able to help Darby in those moments when she needed to go to that place and find those emotions and to actually tear up on cue because just before every scene, I told her to remember how she felt when One Direction broke up for the first time. And she would just go, just balling her eyes out every time,” Jack quipped as Darby played along with a play-acting remorseful expression.

Whitehall further joked, “So, when you’re watching in the film, that’s what Darby is thinking about. She’s thinking about Zayn leaving the band and it all going…

The only problem was when I spoke about it with Darby, then I got quite emotional as well because, for me, it’s still a little raw. [pretends to choke up as do Camp and I.] But, we made it. [I chime in, “I know! But, we’ll always have Harry Styles,” while Darby agrees.] Oh, yeah! We’ve still got Harry! Thank God!”

Watch Jack Whitehall and Darby Camp’s (Bonus: John Cleese!) interview with Pinkvilla for Clifford the Big Red Dog below:

We can’t wait for Clifford’s cuteness to leave us with the biggest smile on our faces!

Meanwhile, also starring Izaac Wang, Tony Hale, Kenan Thompson, and many more, Clifford the Big Red Dog releases in India on Friday, i.e. December 3.