Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage in trouble? Inside their 600 million-dollar postnup deal

Amidst the recent challenges in their highly anticipated reunion, Jennifer Lopez is reportedly taking proactive steps to protect her interests.

As their first wedding anniversary approaches, J-Lo is seeking legal protection by considering a “postnup” agreement. This move aims to ensure a smooth resolution in the event of any future turbulence, taking into account her substantial fortune and previous divorces.

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding her assets, J-Lo is taking a pragmatic approach to avoid potential financial conflicts that may arise during their relationship. The decision to pursue a postnuptial agreement provides a sense of security, given the high stakes involved.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, tired of prolonged arguments and demands, is prioritizing peace and harmony. Sources reveal that he is willing to comply with J-Lo’s request and support her desire for happiness.

Although Ben’s net worth is significant, it is comparatively smaller than J-Lo’s fortune. While his production company holds potential future prospects, concerns arise due to J-Lo’s current financial standing. In an effort to find common ground, Ben has expressed his desire for more freedom while agreeing to the postnup as a gesture of compromise.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship timeline spans over two decades, beginning in 2002 when they first met on the set of the movie “Gigli.” They experienced a whirlwind romance, getting engaged in November 2002, but ultimately ended their relationship in January 2004 due to intense media scrutiny.

Both went on to have their own marriages and families. In April 2021, rumors of their rekindled romance surfaced, and they confirmed their renewed relationship on social media. They have since attended various high-profile events together and surprised fans with a secret marriage in Las Vegas in July 2022. Following their wedding, they enjoyed a honeymoon in Italy and have continued to make public appearances as a couple.