Viewers Left Disappointed as Kate Middleton Allegedly Snubs Ball Boy at Wimbledon

BBC Wimbledon viewers were left disheartened when it appeared that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly snubbed a ball boy during the live coverage on BBC.

As Kate arrived for the presentation ceremony on Centre Court, she greeted the ballboys and ballgirls. However, social media users noticed that she seemingly ignored the first ball boy in the lineup, which sparked a wave of comments expressing sympathy for him.

Numerous individuals took to Twitter to share their observations and opinions on the incident. Some questioned how the first ball boy might feel about being overlooked, while others described it as an unfortunate and embarrassing situation for him.

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Many viewers found it strange and raised questions about the sequence of Kate’s handshakes and greetings. Despite the incident, the focus of the Wimbledon finals remained on the players, writes the Mirror.

Carlos Alcaraz, in his winners’ speech, paid tribute to Novak Djokovic, mentioning that he had watched the 36-year-old tennis legend growing up. Alcaraz expressed his pride in reaching the final, playing against someone he admired, and acknowledged the inspiration he drew from Djokovic’s achievements.

While the ball boy incident garnered attention, the main takeaway from the event was the athletes’ remarkable performances and the celebration of tennis at the prestigious tournament.