Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Instagram Followers Grossed Out By Her ‘Nasty’ Bathtub Feast

Several Kourtney Kardashian admirers got the creeps after seeing her bathtub arrangement. The 43-year-old founder of Poosh included two images of a bathroom on Monday that raised a lot of questions for her followers.

The images were tucked into an Instagram carousel of outfit photos and pictures of the star at the pool, as well as shots of the star wearing a velour jumpsuit bejeweled with the word “Kardashian.”

One of Kim Kardashian West’s 216 million Instagram followers commented, “All that food in the bathroom,” along with two face-palm emojis, drawing attention to a photo of a light-blue bathroom with multiple plates piled high with stacks of pancakes, strawberries, chicken wings, and bottles of champagne surrounding a white bathtub.

“Sigh. You were [so] refined before. What took place?” in the comment area, another follower was added. Several others commented on how the objects were arranged, saying things like, “Food on the toilet that’s awful,” and “why is there a hamburger on top of the toilet?”

How can you eat from a dish that has been on the toilet? said one admirer in the comments section. Am I the only one who finds food on the restroom floor to be repulsive? said another.

Another photo shows the oldest Kardashian sister seated next to more food, including bowls of chips and salsa and a bottle of club soda.

Kardashian shared a photo of a bathtub along with a sequence of spiral eye emojis on her Instagram story as a retort, stating, “the comments regarding this post.” Days prior, the reality personality responded to hateful remarks on the TikTok page for her new vitamin and supplement brand, Lemme.

In the video posted on social media, Kardashian is seen responding to queries about her famous family. When one person asks, “Can the Kardashians just retire,” she shrugs before saying, “That would be good.”

She answers inquiries about her love of the band Agnostic Front, which is depicted on her T-shirt in another TikTok short, in another scene from the video.