David Beckham left ‘absolutely bloody furious’ as Meghan and Harry friendship ‘over’

Meghan and Harry
Meghan and Harry

Since their opulent wedding in 2018, Meghan and Harry seemed to be on a path towards a perfect fairytale ending.

Fast forward to the present, however, and their union appears to be developing significant fractures. Failed Spotify contracts, rumored financial difficulties, and rumblings of a possible divorce have transformed their marriage into a saga akin to a royal drama.

In response to the mounting tension, criticism, and pressures from all quarters, Meghan and Harry have chosen the contentious path of marital counseling in an attempt to mend their relationship, reports the Mirror.

However, certain Royal observers argue this may merely be a PR strategy to manage their public image. Their lavish lifestyle juxtaposed with their preaching about climate change and the tribulations of the average person has resulted in charges of duplicity.

While there are dedicated supporters who champion Meghan and Harry, insisting they are simply seeking happiness like anyone else, the reality of their royal existence is far from the glamour it may seem.

Meghan has candidly shared her experiences of feeling alienated and misinterpreted, though some speculate there may be more beneath the surface. Their controversial step back from royal duties has ignited speculation regarding Meghan’s ambitions colliding with age-old royal traditions.

Meanwhile, some critics point fingers at Prince Harry, suggesting his judgment was clouded by love, leading to a chasm between him and his family legacy.