Heartfelt Reunion: Michael B. Jordan’s Unexpected Embrace with Steve Harvey Post His Daughter’s Breakup

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

The end of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s relationship in June 2022 was a tough pill for fans to swallow, especially after their relationship went public in January 2022.

Beginning their romance in the Fall of 2020, many saw them as a dream pair. But as fate would have it, they parted ways, leaving fans to pick up the pieces. Lori then reportedly found solace in the arms of Damon Idris.

However, a surprise reunion between ‘Black Panther star Michael and Lori’s father, Steve Harvey, at the NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023, has grabbed everyone’s attention. Contrary to expectations, the ‘Family Feud’ host didn’t shy away from Michael. Instead, they were spotted sharing a genuine embrace, indulging in friendly banter.

This heartwarming interaction was caught on camera and shared by the Twitter user, 2Cool2Blog. The clip showcased Steve pulling Michael into a hug, leaving bystanders with broad smiles. The million-dollar question now: How does Lori feel about this?

Rumor mills suggest Michael was on the verge of proposing to Lori before their split. However, she might not have been ready for that commitment.

Following their breakup, Steve Harvey addressed the situation on his Morning Show, emphasizing the importance of ending on good terms and avoiding drama. Loyal to his daughter, Steve proudly claimed to be on “Team Lori,” underlining his unwavering love and support for her.