Rochas Fashion Label Reunites with Interparfums

Rochas Fashion
Rochas Fashion

Rochas, the esteemed French luxury fashion house, has made an announcement of its reunion with Interparfums after a two-year hiatus.

Starting in January 2024, Interparfums will assume complete management of the fashion business, taking charge of all marketing, communications, and licensing endeavors associated with the Rochas fashion label’s mainline.

In 2021, High Italian Manufacturing (HIMCO), a partner company based in Bergamo, was enlisted to oversee the development of the Rochas fashion line under the guidance of former creative director Charles de Vilmorin. However, de Vilmorin recently departed from the company.

Interparfums initially acquired Rochas from Procter & Gamble, a US firm, back in 2015. Now, the two entities are set to continue their collaboration, bringing forth new possibilities for the iconic Rochas brand.


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“HIMCO will continue to produce the Rochas fashion line, whilst Interparfums guides the Rochas label into its next fashion chapter,” Rochas said in a statement.

It added that Rochas’ creative studio will be designing the spring/summer 2024 collection, which will be presented during Paris Fashion Week in September.

The news comes after Rochas announced in April that creative director De Vilmorin would be exiting the house after two years in the role.

De Vilmorin, who succeeded Italian designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua in 2021, produced four collections during his time at Rochas, spanning spring/summer 2022 to autumn/winter 2023.

Speaking on his departure at the time, Interparfums CEO Philippe Benancin said: “We would like to thank Charles for his contribution to the legacy of Rochas. His creative vision will have a long-lasting impact on the brand’s universe.”