Vans Celebrates Paris Fashion Week with Dynamic Skating Installation at Montmartre


This past weekend, the streets of Montmartre came alive with the energy of Paris Fashion Week as Vans concluded its presence with a unique live skating installation.

Organized by Vans’ premium brand OTW, the event seamlessly blended the world of skateboarding with streetwear, fashion, art, and entertainment under the scenic shadow of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

The event, dubbed “OTW by Vans Checkered Future,” was part of a strategic collaboration with PLAYLAB, INC. and California Skateparks. It featured a large-scale skate bowl where attendees witnessed exhilarating skate exhibitions. Renowned skaters like Efron Danzig, Curren Caples, and Mami Tezuka showcased their impressive skills, aligning with the celebratory vibes of both Go Skateboarding Day and Fête de la Musique.


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Adding to the spectacle, a checkerboard DJ platform pulsed with the beats of artists like Kaytranada and Venus X, creating a vibrant atmosphere that bridged the gap between music and skate culture. This integration of dynamic performances both on the ramps and the stage highlighted the cultural synergy that Vans aimed to achieve with this installation.

The event was graced by the presence of notable figures from various industries, including models Emily Ratajkowski and Paloma Elsesser, designers Jonathan Anderson and Haider Ackermann, and musician Dev Hynes. Their attendance underscored the cross-industry appeal of the event and the influential reach of the Vans brand.

Ian Ginoza, Vice President and Creative Director for OTW by Vans, emphasized the importance of the event’s cultural placement. “OTW continues to elevate and disrupt the way we think about skateboarding against the backdrop of key cultural moments,” Ginoza stated. “From the music to the skateable installation and this iconic location, OTW embodies our purpose, spirit, and attitude rooted in skateboarding.”

The installation at Sacré-Coeur is part of OTW by Vans’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a skateboarding event can represent. It follows previous collaborations, like the one with PlayLab Inc. and Sterling Ruby at Frieze Los Angeles, and sets the stage for upcoming innovative projects from Vans.

Reflecting on the event’s success and its historical significance, Vans ambassador Steve Van Doren remarked, “Over 50 years of Vans events, and this moment is one of the best. Skateboarding, our athletes, our community all together in this special place is one for the history books.” This event not only celebrated the fusion of sports and fashion but also marked a pivotal moment in Vans’ ongoing narrative in the world of skateboarding and beyond.