Prince William will be ‘involved’ in key issue King Charles needs to address

Prince William
Prince William

Prince William is set to oversee crucial aspects of the international tours that King Charles plans to undertake over the next couple of years.

Since Charles’ ascension to the throne, he has been met with considerable opposition to the monarchy, primarily due to its historical racial implications.

To safeguard the Royal Family’s reputation and ensure the monarchy’s ongoing relevance, key working members are planning international tours to uphold the unity of the Commonwealth.

Jennie Bond, former BBC royal correspondent, informed OK! Magazine that the Prince of Wales must ensure that the “optics” are appropriately managed.

Bond stated that, given the growing sentiment among many Commonwealth realms to abandon the monarchy, royal tours will be one of the most challenging issues confronting the Royal Family.

She emphasized the desire to avoid a repeat of the recent tours of the Caribbean, which transpired when the former Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, during a Commonwealth tour to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, visited Belize last year.

Their trip was met with protests, particularly in Jamaica where Prime Minister Andrew Holness informed them of the country’s intent to dismiss the queen as head of state and transition into a republic. This situation underscored the extent of the tour’s failure.

Bond suggested that William would likely involve himself with the tour details to avoid any remnants of colonial symbolism and ensure tours are impactful and not just adhere to traditional patterns.

She pointed out that sustaining relationships with the Commonwealth will be a “priority,” and considerable deliberation needs to be given to how these tours are portrayed.

Additionally, Bond mentioned that Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex are also expected to embark on some tours aimed at fostering “friendship and a spirit of cooperation for the greater good.”