Luisa Beccaria

Inspiration and creativity have no time, no space. They have no words to speak , they simply show themselves. Since her early youth, Luisa, born in Milan, nourished her imagination hungry of beauty, feeding it with experiences from painting, music, poetry, movies, drama, design. From her first collection, shown when she was just twenty, Luisa grew up cultivating her own beauty model and expressing it throughout her creations. She developed her light and dreamy style by the art galleries, her first boutique, the haute couture of Rome and Paris… But this life dedicated to fashion and beauty met also love and family. Luisa, with her husband Lucio Bonaccorsi, a Sicilian nobleman, and her children Lucilla, Lucrezia, Ludovico, Luna and Luchino, mixes the energy and vitality of Milan with the wild exuberance of Sicily.