Steffie Christiaens

Designer: Steffie Christiaens Designer Fashion Label - Ready to Wear Designer
Designer: Steffie Christiaens Designer Fashion Label - Ready to Wear Designer

Fashion Designer Steffie Christiaens started Fashion Design course at ArtEZ Academy of Visual Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands in 2004-2008.

Fashion designer Steffie Christiaens assumes an impressive profile as being an amateur fashion designer gaining international fame through her plush outfits presented at the prestigious Hyeres festival. She embraces conceptual designs and patterns making them showy for fashion lovers.

The hottest young fashion designer in Paris is none other than Steffie Christiaens who belongs to Balenciaga and Margiela studying fashion design course at ArtEZ Academy of Visual Arts, Arnhem,Netherlands from 2004 to 2008 and then worked as haute couture ‘Artisanal’ collection assistant at Maison Martin Margiela, Paris in 2007.

Going through her fashion learning process, Steffie Christiaens became one of the international fashion designers who got a chance to join famous fashion designer Louis Vuitton in Paris and presented a shoe collection in his cooperation in 2008 and then she was selected as a finalist for Hyères Festival in France in 2009 where she showcased her much awaited menswear and womenswear that were live to hype. Finally in 2010, she founded Steffie Christiaens studio drawing concept from natural elements like water, wind, heat and light. She had the power to paint “natural accidents” over paradigmatic garments and fabrics.

With her deep knowledge of 3-D studies, fashion designer Steffie Christiaens captures physical forces of nature and organic shapes flow over body like waves and maintaining her artisanal approach her collection imparts balance between futurist spatial forms as that of Steffie Christiaens fall 2011 experimentally strong collection that includes electric colors and vivid experimental designs. Also her outfits just presented at Paris Fashion Week, Steffie Christiaens autumn/winter 2011 are provocative harnessing flabby wool, sheer silks and buttery leathers.

Youngest fashion designer Steffie Christiaens knows all traits of designing and crafting endowing her exclusive collection an arena of naturalistic and playful art. The focus of Steffie Christiaens on evolution of design procedurals and structure creation is thus fanatical attracting international fame and honors to her credit and making her a wonderful fashion designer.