Stella Jean

Stella Jean American Fashion Brand and Designer
Stella Jean American Fashion Brand and Designer

The talented designer has infused her cultural background with her ability to create amazing prêt bringing the old with the new.

Stella Jean is recognized for her cultural meet in fashion creations. The designer is from a Roman descent and her collections speak enormously about her ethnicity. But even with her passion to infuse the old with the new, the designer continues to put the audience in awe with every collection that is featured.

Stella is close to nature and her family roots, thus, From the typical ancestry of Haiti, from her maternal side, Stella has used wax printed patterns in her clothes infused with the very contemporary yet historic craftsmanship, from her Italian roots of the paternal side.

The designer calls it the “Wax and stripes philosophy” which has worked extensively well in the modern fashion industry with a strong responsiveness in the needs of time. Her personal journey of getting a multicultural diversity reflects in each one of her piece.