Angela – The Muse

A young model born in Chicago, Angela “The Muse” is reaching heights in her career of arts and Fashion. She hopes to influence the society positively and is gratified to have fulfilled her dreams. Angela has worked with photographer, artists and filmm

Angela - The Muse Profile and Photos Gallery
Angela - The Muse Profile and Photos Gallery

Anglea Muse is a young and Talented U.S fashion model who has recently been called “The Muse” in the Fashion industry. Her work is admired all around the fashion forum and in a short span of five years Angela has gained heaps of experience. She has recently been designated as the editor of Seek. Me Magazine and was featured on the cover page of the magazine.

She has worked for clients like LUCKY, ESPN, Olay etc. She has also modeled in the New York fashion week in NYFC Clash of Coutures in 2012. Angela has achieved immense fame though her work and is grateful to have fulfilled her dreams at such a young age. She is an inspiration to all the young people out there striving to make name in the fashion industry.