A.F.Vandervorst Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

A.F.Vandervorst Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection at MBFW Berlin
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A.F.VandervorstAutumn/Winter 2011 Collection
A.F.VandervorstMercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin
A.F.VandervorstMercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011
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A.F.VandervorstAutumn/Winter Collection 2011/12
A.F.VandervorstMercedes Benz Autumn Collection 2011
2011 A.F.VandervorstAutumn Collection Berlin
Latest A/W Collection 2011 by A.F.Vandervorst
Mercedes Benz Berlin 2011/12 Collection A.F.Vandervorst
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Collection Berlin A.F.Vandervorst
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A.F.VandervorstA/W 2011 Berlin Fashion Collection
A.F.VandervorstWinter Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
A.F.VandervorstA/W Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011
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MBFW 2011 Berlin Fashion Collection A.F.Vandervorst
A.F.VandervorstMBFW 2011 Collection Berlin
MBFW Spring/Summer Collection by A.F.Vandervorst
A.F.VandervorstMBFW Winter Collection 2012

As the season changes from Autumn to Winter, the knits evolve to thicker wool alpaca blends for unisex cardigans and sweaters by the A.F.Vandervorst Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection at MBFW.

A.F. Vandevorst took the desires and suggestions from these exchanges of ideas to create a collection called: “A.Friend”, which debuted four seasons ago for Spring/Summer 2010. Designed with the same energy and creativity as the main line, A.Friend is not only more affordable with its focus on jersey compositions and knitwear, but is also available to a larger clientele base as a direct result of strategized price range and distribution.
Brought to life with different types of jersey and wool, designs for the fourth collection, Autumn/Winter 2011 will be presented in a surprising patchwork with subtle variations in color from over dyeing various shades of heather grey cottons. Fluid double faced viscose rayon adds elegance to dresses and tops, while interlocking wools complete the wardrobe with coats, jackets and pants.
The knitwear is presented through different variations. Lighter knits with silk and leather inserts are comprised of extra fine Merino yarns in sophisticated shades varying from neutrals such as Elephant and Sienna to a more vivid Pepper and Blossom. Heather grey knits are over dyed, which appears from a full colour water print on the interior of a garment. The dye bleeds through to the outside of each knit in an irregular way, which gives the particular effect. And in remaining true to the influence of artist Joseph Beuys and his chalkboards, the over dye print shows lighter patches, almost giving the effect of traces and hints of chalk.
Mirroring the ideas of the A.F. Vandevorst Fetish shoes and accessories line, boots as well as pumps and sneakers will be presented alongside leather belts to be shown over knits. Also reflecting similar concepts to the main line and its use of lingerie, knit tights will be introduced, emulating the concept and design of those presented with the A.F. Vandevorst Nightfall lingerie; further proving A.Friend as a complimentary line.