Lamarck MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016 Collection

Lamarck MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016
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LAMARCK  Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
LAMARCK  2016 S/S Collection
LAMARCK  Tokyo S/S Collection
LAMARCK  2016 Tokyo Collection
LAMARCK  S/S Tokyo Collection
LAMARCK  Latest Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo LAMARCK  2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo LAMARCK  2016 Collection
Tokyo LAMARCK  S/S Collection
Tokyo S/S LAMARCK  2016 Collection
Tokyo Latest LAMARCK  S/S Collection
Tokyo Latest 2016 LAMARCK  S/S Collection
2016 LAMARCK  Tokyo S/S Collection
2016 LAMARCK  S/S Collection
2016 Tokyo LAMARCK  Collection
2016 S/S LAMARCK  Tokyo Collection
2016 S/S LAMARCK  Latest Collection
2016 Latest LAMARCK  Tokyo Collection
2016 Latest Tokyo LAMARCK  S/S Collection
S/S LAMARCK  2016 Collection

Lamarck Mercedes-Benz fashion week Tokyo Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Opting to present his spring show off the official Tokyo Fashion Week calendar this season, Lamarck designer Shinsuke Morishita chose as his venue an event space that is often used for weddings. His models walked from room to room before stopping to pose for cameras on a platform surrounded by water.

Morishita said he wanted to modernize the image of a “lady”and there were nods to femininity throughout the collection but the designer excelled at updating them so they looked current rather than cutesy. Flattened bows were attached at the pockets of wide-leg pants, with long ribbonlike ends hanging down to the knee, and a scarf-inspired ruffle backed in yellow looked striking on a long navy coat.

Morishita added a hint of sex appeal to loose tanks and boxy tops by giving them open backs. He also made ample use of contrasting textures, such as shiny satin on full midi skirts and a knit vest-and-skirt combo in which the backside of the material faced out.