Todd Snyder Spring 2019 Menswear Collection

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When Todd Snyder offers you beer, you take it, right? In this case, cheery models at the entrance of his Spring 2019 show—the big finale of New York Fashion Week: Men’s this season—were passing out Threes Brewing’s Vliet in wave blue cans with neon orange Snyder-branded koozies. Guests were just scooping them up, myself included.

(Hey, it’s been a long—and hot!—men’s week here in New York, and a little liquid courage is a welcome antidote to the serious business of fashion.) More than just getting everyone giddy, the beer served to set the scene for vacation vibes. Snyder looked to his grandfather’s closet for inspiration again this season, taking the tentpoles of retro resort dressing—leisure suits, Hawaiian shirts, and knit polos—and infusing them with a modern loucheness. Added into the mix were sport references, courtesy of Snyder’s long-running partnership with Champion, and a bit of irreverence courtesy of the Kangol hats and tie-dye tees many of the models wore.

In truth, most of the models were indistinguishable from the guys in his front row, with their ironic swirl prints, hibiscus-patterned shirts, and sport shorts. And that speaks to the bad taste turned good moment we’re in but also to Snyder’s strength in redefining and polishing current menswear obsessions. But what of the future? Amid the interpretations of things we know and love, Snyder sent out a dyed seersucker suit that was every bit as whimsical as it was practical. Front row gents, take note.