Homeowner Kills 20-Year-Old Woman After Her Vehicle Pulled Into His Driveway

A 20-year-old woman was slain by a homeowner in Hebron, New York, on Saturday night when her car pulled into his driveway.

The victim’s car accident pulled into the driveway at the Patterson Hill Road address, according to the preliminary investigation, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release, naming the homeowner as Kevin D. Monahan, 65.

After Monahan “fired at least two rounds” at the car, the victim, named Kaylin A. Gillis, was killed. She was pronounced dead at the scene not long after the police arrived. “Monahan resisted leaving his home to meet with authorities and was uncooperative during the investigation.

After some time, the New York State Police Special Operation Response Unit helped to take him into custody “He has been charged with second-degree murder, the police added in their release. In a press conference on Monday, Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy stated that Gillis and three other passengers were traveling in the car in search of a friend’s house when the event took place.

Murphy continued, “It’s a pretty rural location, it’s dirt roads, there’s not many cellular services or any form of internet,” adding that the group “in error” drove up Monahan’s driveway. The group left the property after bullets were fired, according to the police investigation, and when they reached the nearby city of Salem, they dialed 911.

“This is a really sad situation of some young adults who were looking for a friend’s residence and wound up at this man’s house who decided to come out with a pistol and discharged,” said Murphy, who also said the agency is in the early phases of their investigation.

Monahan is being held at the Warren County Prison, according to Murphy, and will appear in court “shortly.” Whether Monahan is now represented is unknown. Gillis had “just turned 20 years old” when she “lost her life in a horrific shooting,” according to Beth Palleschi and Nikki Thomas, who wrote about the tragedy in a GoFundMe campaign.

Of its $50,000 goal, the campaign has already raised more than $31,000. Contributions will be made outright to the Gillis family, who will utilize them to cover Kaylin’s funeral costs and any other urgent necessities.