6 Classic Skirts Every Woman Should Have

6 Classic Skirts Every Woman Should Have
6 Classic Skirts Every Woman Should Have

Apart from dresses, skirts are great staples that can make you look more ladylike and chic.

Apart from dresses, skirts are great staples that can make you look more ladylike and chic. Skirts can be paired with a variety of different tops, depending on the situation and one’s personal style. Knee-length styles are versatile enough to be casual, work-friendly, and also work in more formal settings. So, keep on reading for the 6 classic skirts every woman should have.

1. Skater Skirt or Circle Skirt

Also known as a circle skirt, the skater skirt has a waistband that sits at one’s true waist and is flared so that it will form a circle when laid flat. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, contrast the flared shape of your skirt by teaming it with a fitted top. This skirt is extremely versatile and can be paired with fitted tops, as well as looser ones tucked into the waistband.

2. Full Skirt

A full skirt has a waistband that cinches at the waist, falling to the knee or below. The conservative length makes it extremely versatile to be worn from work to more casual settings. The best way to wear a full skirt is with a fitted top tucked into the waistband in order to highlight the nipped-in waist. Like fashion blogger Kim Jones, you may think of a turtleneck sweater with a form-fitting silhouette that will look party-ready with a silk full skirt and classic pumps.

3. Pleated Skirt

Traditionally associated with school uniforms, the pleated skirt is known for its pleats where thicker pleats are more reminiscent of schoolgirl days, while thinner pleats are more contemporary and on-trend. You may think of accordion skirts in maxi lengths and pastel shades that can dress up your casual tank tops and tees. Also, a more modern take on the skirt is using fabrics like leather or chiffon, as opposed to the more traditional wool-blend.

4. A-Line Skirt

When laid flat, an A-line skirt forms a triangle shape where the skirt flares out gently from the waistband. Since the A-line skirt is traditionally knee-length, it can be an appropriate choice for most occasions. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, dress up your striped top with an A-line skirt that looks dressy at the same time effortless. Also, this style is perfect for pear-shaped ladies as it emphasizes the waist and does not cling to the hips.

5. Pencil Skirt

Often paired with a suit jacket, the pencil skirt is best worn in professional environments. This style is cut straight down, and when laid flat, forms a rectangle. Like fashion blogger Lara Caspari, you may even think of an animal print skirt that will look sleek with a wrap blouse that can be perfect for the office, dinner dates, and even parties. Women of all body types, with the exception of pear-shaped figures who might find it challenging to find a well-fitting pencil skirt, can go for a pencil skirt.

6. Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt is an ankle-length skirt that comes in a variety of styles and fabrics. It is an extremely versatile style and typically suits taller women. Depending on the fabric, the maxi skirt can either be tight and form-fitting, or it can flow away from the body. Though a maxi skirt is typically worn for more casual occasions, it can still be styled for more formal evening occasions by going for a sparkly or dressy top. By taking these staples into consideration, you’ll be able to dress up to whatever occasion you’re going to.