7 Athleisure Outfits That Will Make People Wonder, “Who Is She?”

The past two years have changed a lot about how we get dressed, and while cabin fever has made many of us want to dress to the nines every time we leave the house in 2022, one school of thought has proven to be sticking around for good: It’s never a bad time to wear an athleisure outfit.

While leggings and sweats were once considered at-home clothes only, celebrities and social media have shown us that when styled right, they both make for the bones of an outfit that leave you looking effortless, chic, and damn cool every single time.

Whether you’re actually heading to a workout class before your brunch reservation or just want people to think you are, these seven athleisure outfits shouldn’t be reserved for days on your couch. Put your jeans back in your closet and head out prioritizing comfort as much as style—we deserve it.

1. A sweatshirt and trench coat

Something about a trench coat manages to make literally anything it’s paired with look chic, and this is Exhibit A for that argument. Chunky sneakers, leggings, and a sweatshirt with a trench over top reads, “I didn’t try—I just always look this good.”

2. A puffer vest and knit pants

We’re all about the magic that is a puffer vest, especially come spring when we want to be wearing warm-weather clothes but can’t just yet. This season’s beloved wide-leg knit pants, a puffer vest, and your favorite sunnies capture the off-duty model essence we all dream of. Bonus points for finishing it off with an oversized scarf.

3. A matching sweatsuit and teddy coat

The perfect way to style the Uggs you got for Christmas? With a matching sweatsuit, teddy coat, and your favorite gold hoops. The result is the it-girl vibe that we’re all trying to emulate every time we leave the house.

4. A sweatshirt, beanie, and camel coat

There’s something about the juxtaposition when a camel coat is paired with more casual pieces that make it feel like you’re the coolest girl on the street—especially with a beanie and sneakers.

5. A matching linen shirt and short set

Bound to be one of the most-worn combos of the spring for the girls on our TikTok feeds, linen set with a long-sleeve button-up and matching shorts is the set of our dreams—and is cool enough to wear just about anywhere your plans take you.

6. A sweatshirt with a blazer and baseball hat

We’ve learned the power that a sweatshirt paired with a blazer has from Hailey Bieber and are constantly reminded that it’s a look that should be on our to-be-worn lists. You can pair the combo with matching sweatpants, leggings, or if you’re really feeling fancy, your favorite denim.

7. A matching workout set

The capabilities of a matching workout set know no bounds, especially when it’s in a pop of color that will have everyone you pass asking you where you got it.