Apple Unveils High-end AirPods Max, the price tag is raising eyebrows.

The apple AirPods Max are a good news for people who who didn’t wish for the  in-ear headphones. These work pretty much the same but just with more comfort. They also support for features like “Hey Siri” for voice commands, quick pairing to your iPhone and noise cancellation.

They come with the transparency mode which allow you to hear all the noises for example, cars while walking on a busy street, and spatial audio. The sensors incorporated in Airpods Max cam also detect if you are responsible for the noise or not.

The all new Apple headphones are too expensive. Most items in this classification from contenders, for example, Bose and Sony, or even Apple’s own Beats image, cost around $350. A portion of that cost may boil down to materials, similar to the tempered steel headband, since different earphones are regularly made out of plastic.

The AirPods Max may simply assist Apple with cooking a better quality crowd, notwithstanding, since it as of now sells earphones going from about $50 through its Beats image, up to $350.

The AirPods Max are currently the most superior level and could be especially engaging business voyagers who need clamor dropping earphones on planes, where one may typically observe individuals wearing Sony and Bose headsets.