Delaware High School Students Surprise Principal with Unforgettable Senior Prank

Students Sneak Into Principal's Home
Students Sneak Into Principal's Home

In a surprising turn of events, high school students from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Middletown, Delaware, have gained recognition for pulling off an epic senior prank.

The Class of 2023 decided to organize a unique pre-graduation goof by sneaking into their principal’s house in the middle of the night for an unexpected sleepover. The entire prank was captured on video and has since gone viral on Instagram and TikTok, amassing over 32 million views.

The video clip showcases the students’ successful infiltration of Joy McGrath’s house at 1 a.m., where they settled down for a night of sleep on the first floor. In the morning, as McGrath descended the stairs, she was taken aback by the sight of her students occupying her residence.

Initially shocked, she momentarily closed the door before mustering the courage to re-enter the room. Greeting her unexpected guests with a smile, she jokingly referred to them as “little bunnies,” causing laughter to fill the air.

The clip concludes with McGrath playfully marveling at the mischief the students had orchestrated, pointing out an off-camera party and stating that someone was in the most trouble. While the identity of the person she referred to remains unclear, speculations arose that it was her husband, suspected to be an accomplice in the students’ well-executed prank.


Their entire senior class snuck into their principal’s house a 1 AM 🤯 seniorprank schoolfunny shoutoutot (via sasdelaware/IG)

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Social media users widely applauded the seniors’ ingenuity and respect for their principal. Many commended the prank as one of the best senior pranks they had ever seen, highlighting the positive impact McGrath had on her students. However, not everyone was enthusiastic about the prank, with some criticizing the students for breaking and entering. Others argued that since McGrath’s house is located on school grounds and her husband allegedly played a role, it didn’t violate the typical rules associated with senior pranks.

The incident serves as a memorable testament to the student’s creativity and their close bond with their principal. Undoubtedly, this playful senior prank will be a cherished memory for years to come, highlighting the unique camaraderie between the students and their beloved teacher.


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