3 Essentials To Take Your Suit To The Next Level!

Essentials Suit Next Level
Essentials Suit Next Level

A good quality suit is the very foundation of a smart, luxury look for a professional man. Of utmost importance is the cut. Tailored around an individual’s own contours a good tailor will be able to make the most corpulent of shapes look sleek and elegant.

But with even the most expensive of suits can be cheapened if paired with badly thought-out accessories. Our exclusive guide is designed to ensure that the investment you make in a beautifully cut and tailored suit can be taken to the next level to ensure that you are looking your absolute best!

Don’t skimp on the shirt

It may be hidden underneath your suit jacket, but a luxury shirt is essential to continuing the elegant look and feel of your shirt. Wearing a cheaper shirt will only cheapen the overall look, and affect your own sense of self-worth and confidence. Dress up to where you want to be by choosing a shirt that reflects the style and status that you aspire to, rather than want to get away from.

There are a number of luxury shirt brands that you can choose from. These include Charles Tyrwhitt, Eton Shirts, and Reiss.

To ensure that your shirt choice truly falls within the ‘luxury’ category, there are a couple of things you need to check. Firstly, it is made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Anything with polyester in it is a big no-no. Secondly, check the thread count of that cotton. It is between 100 and 120. Anything less than that and the shirt begins to feel thin and cheap. Anything more than that will be too thick and will crease easily.

mens suitingCheck also the cuffs. French cuffs will give the luxurious finish that is needed to be secured with our next key element of your outfit – the cufflinks.

Cufflinks – the demonstration of personality

Choosing a pair of luxury cufflinks is not just a practical way of securing your shirt sleeves – they offer you an opportunity to inject some real personality into your overall outfit, without compromising on its luxurious intent.

Because of their discrete size, you can afford to go a bit off-piste and quirky in your choice of cufflinks – seeking out designs that are unique and personal to you. Expensive stones and gems are not necessary, as long as your cufflinks are well-made and from a quality manufacturer. You may want them to reflect an element of your personality, or align with your company brand, or match your partner in complementary colors and finishes.

Enjoy the freedom that choosing a good pair of cufflinks can give you – it will help you boost your own sense of self-worth in your sartorial choices.

Be well shod to avoid shedding the luxury

Finally, your choice of footwear can make or break your suit, no matter how much you have spent on its tailoring. The rules around brown shoes and black trousers can be confusing and ultimately comes down to personal choice. However, we would suggest that if wearing black trousers, wear light not dark brown shoes, to provide a contrast, rather than an uncomfortable fading of dark colors.

More important is that the shoes are of a quality that matches the luxuriousness of your suit as a whole. Have you heard the phrase, ‘don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar’ – what this refers to is not economizing on the smaller things in a bid to save some money if it’s only going to undo all the good work you’ve done to date. So make sure you invest in good shoes – when looked after they will last you for life!