Couple beaten in Dodger Stadium parking lot after Elton John: Video goes viral

Elton John is calling it quits on touring, and one of his final appearances was at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. Even though that it was meant to be a night of celebration, a couple was savagely attacked following one of John’s shows.

According to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez, a man was beaten unconscious following a “fender bender” on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Although the specifics of the occurrence are unknown, officials are looking into it. Following the “Rocket Man” singer’s performance at the stadium, a man and his wife were engaged in an accident. Lopez stated that when the couple exited their vehicle, things became violent.

A lady collided with another woman, while a guy clashed with another male. In the moments following the incident, the video shows a guy laying motionless on the ground, still being assaulted perhaps by multiple assailants even as others try to stop and reduce the violence. As she goes to check on her spouse, the man’s wife is seen being yanked by the hair.

“Everyone was gone when the police came,” Lopez added. Officers apprehended the victims while they were receiving medical care at a hospital and took a report claiming violence. According to CBS2, the man received a concussion and a broken ankle, among other ailments.

According to the station, the man’s wife stated she struggled to revive him for 45 minutes, believing he had died until he regained consciousness. The victims were both in their 60s, according to TMZ, which aired a video of part of the violence.

A woman claiming to be the victim’s daughter and a nurse said on Instagram on Friday that her father was still in the hospital with fractures and head injuries, but that both parents “were left unconscious on the ground.”

She claims four males and two women attacked the couple and that neither onlookers nor security personnel intervened, and she is now appealing to the public for help in identifying the suspected attackers.