Britney Spears’ husband hits out after singer is slapped in face by bodyguard of NBA star

Britney Spears ex-husband crashes wedding
Britney Spears ex-husband crashes wedding

Sam Asghari has taken to social media to condemn the recent incident involving his wife, Britney Spears, and the bodyguard of NBA star Victor Wembanyama.

According to reports, the renowned pop singer, aged 41, filed a police complaint after allegedly being slapped in the face by a security guard. Witnesses claim that Spears, in a British accent, approached Wembanyama at the celebrity hotspot Catch inside the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, intending to ask for a photo together.

It was during this interaction that the security guard purportedly “backhanded her,” causing Spears to exclaim, “This is f***ing America,” as TMZ reported. In defense of his wife, Sam Asghari expressed his opposition to violence in any form, particularly when it lacks justification in self-defense or protecting someone unable to defend themselves.

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He emphasized that the defense of any woman, especially his wife, should not be up for debate. Asghari considered his reaction restrained given the circumstances and expressed hope that the individual responsible would learn a lesson and change his disrespectful attitude towards women. He concluded by expressing gratitude for the support received.

Brian Grajales, an eyewitness, reported that the entire incident unfolded with Spears speaking in a British accent. He described her attempts to gain Wembanyama’s attention by infiltrating his group, repeatedly poking and saying “Excuse me.” Grajales claimed to have seen Spears touch the player’s back increasingly lower until the bodyguard intervened and slapped her across the face.

Following the blow, Britney Spears allegedly had her glasses knocked off her face and fell to the ground while shouting, “This is f***ing America!!!” in a British accent. After the incident, the “Princess of Pop” returned to her table at the restaurant to dine with her husband, Sam Asghari, and two others.

The security guard later approached Spears to apologize for the slap, unaware of her identity. It was reported that Spears initially accepted the apology, but later contradicted this on her social media. On July 6, Spears took to her Instagram story to share her side of the story regarding the violent incident. She acknowledged her history of traumatic experiences and stated that she was unprepared for what happened that night.

According to her account, she noticed an athlete in the hotel lobby and decided to approach him at a different restaurant to congratulate him on his success. Spears claimed that, due to the noise, she simply tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.

Spears addressed the athlete’s statement, where he mentioned her allegedly grabbing him from behind, clarifying that she only tapped his shoulder. She further stated that the security guard then backhanded her in the face, without looking back, in front of a crowd, nearly causing her to fall and knocking her glasses off her face.

In her Instagram post, Spears mentioned her own experiences with fan encounters but asserted that it should not be used as an excuse. She expressed her belief that physical violence occurs far too frequently behind closed doors and expressed her support for all victims, extending her heartfelt sympathy to them.