Christina Aguilera’s New Empowering Fragrance

Christina Aguilera's New Empowering Fragrance
Christina Aguilera's New Empowering Fragrance

Christina Aguilera aims to make women feel "empowered" and "glamorous" with her latest fragrance 'Red Sin', which is inspired by "fairy tale" red apples.

Christina Aguilera wants to "empower" women with her new fragrance. The ‘Your Body’ hitmaker thinks her latest scent ‘Red Sin’ has the power to boost shy women’s body confidence and can inspire them to exude mystery and glamorous appeal. Christina said: "I want women to feel empowered, more bold and unafraid to be a little mysterious.

"It’s for the woman that exudes confidence, but is also for those women who may be a little timid or shy about feeling hot and need a little inspiration."

The 31-year-old singer took inspiration for her seductive scent from the "fairy tale" poisonous red apple scenario in ‘Snow White’. She explained to People magazine: "Like in fairy tales, a red apple can be seductive, alluring and enticing."

While shooting the commercial in her own room, Christina also revealed her saucy bedroom secret – putting on fragrance before getting under the covers. She teased: "I put on fragrance before I got to bed and get under the covers. It relaxes me, makes me feel bold and hopefully gives me seductive dreams." However, the singer is only human and admitted she occasionally has "bedtime scents like Vicks."

Source: FemaleFirst