Andre Messika Diamonds and Sarine Technology Unveil Diamond Traceability Tool for Industry Advancement

Andre Messika Diamonds
Andre Messika Diamonds

In a significant stride towards enhancing transparency and sustainability within the diamond industry, Andre Messika Diamonds and Sarine Technology have jointly launched a cutting-edge traceability tool. This tool, known as CarbonVero, will revolutionize the way carbon emissions are tracked and measured throughout the diamond supply chain.

By seamlessly integrating with Sarine’s Diamond Traceability reporting, the CarbonVero tool will provide comprehensive coverage of Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This entails capturing data from the mining organization, De Beers Namibia, all the way to the cut and polished product. Moreover, the tool has the potential to include freight distribution beyond the factory, ensuring visibility until the polished diamond reaches the client’s doorstep.

The collaboration has received a significant boost from The Carbon Trust, which has meticulously calculated the Product Carbon Footprint. This comprehensive measurement framework tracks the diamond’s journey from the mine to Andre Messika’s Namibian factory and then follows the polished diamond’s distribution pathway. This blueprint for raw data capture establishes a robust foundation for comprehensive traceability.

Andre Messika Diamonds has committed to implementing CarbonVero for all its Namibian diamonds moving forward. This strategic move highlights the company’s dedication to gaining valuable insights into the supply chain while adding a new layer of traceability that meticulously traces the carbon impact of each diamond.

The launch of this traceability tool marks a pivotal moment for the diamond industry as stakeholders strive for increased sustainability and responsible practices. By leveraging CarbonVero, Andre Messika Diamonds and Sarine Technology aim to create a more transparent and environmentally conscious diamond ecosystem.