Wendy Williams Update: The Truth About Wendy Williams and Her Wheelchair

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is determined to make a comeback after her daytime talk show was canceled, and she no longer needs a wheelchair.

Since the cancellation of her show last month, Wendy has been undergoing rehabilitation in Florida with her family, focusing on her health and making significant lifestyle changes.

A source close to Wendy revealed that being in Florida with loved ones has had a positive impact on her well-being, and she appears to be 80% recovered. The insider also mentioned that Wendy has stopped drinking and has adopted a healthier diet, which has resulted in reduced leg swelling.

In addition to her improved health, Wendy is planning to return to New York City and television soon. She intends to reunite with her old team and make a big comeback.

Although there were previous reports of Wendy’s hospitalization for a psychological evaluation, a breakthrough COVID case, lymphedema, and Graves’ disease, the source remains optimistic about her full recovery.

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Furthermore, Wendy is currently dealing with a financial battle to regain access to millions of dollars in Wells Fargo accounts, which were locked last month. The bank even requested a guardianship hearing, but the details of the case have been placed under seal.

Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., currently holds power of attorney over her. Meanwhile, Sherri Shepherd, who had been filling in as a guest presenter, announced that she will be starting her own talk show in September. The show’s press staff issued an official statement confirming that Wendy will not be returning to her own show.

The statement from Debmar-Mercury, the television company behind the show, expressed appreciation for Wendy’s 12 seasons and stated that the transition is necessary while she continues her recovery.

However, they expressed the hope of working with Wendy again in the future. The Sun had previously reported that Sherri Shepherd would be chosen to take over Wendy’s show, and recent developments align with those reports.