Great Tablecloths for your home

Great Tablecloths for your home | Designer Living
Great Tablecloths for your home | Designer Living

Add style and class to your dining setting by picking up great tablecloths for your table. Before deciding on tablecloth, it is important to take several factors in consideration.

Although, it takes a lot of time and effort in choosing the right tablecloth as part of a room setting, but with a right selection you can surely cover a table in a decorative yet practical manner. Whether you are planning a dinner party to entertain some guests or simply want to cover your table, the tablecloth is give your dining room a more refined look along with the colorful appeal. The great tablecloths not only prevent spills, but will add elegance to your table setting. Before you are picking up great tablecloths for your home, it is important to consider few factors including size, material, color and pattern. 


Some of the great tablecloths can be extremely informal and vibrant. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to find a tablecloth that will light up your table. You can add some attitude to your dining place settings by choosing bold colors and patterns for tablecloth, especially when the rest of the table setting is serene. By picking up great tablecloths according to the type of occasion, you can surely add a touch of excitement and class to your next dining functions.


Another important factor in shopping for tablecloth is the material and fabric. With the span of time and changing décor trends, the selection of materials has been updated. Generally, tablecloths are made of cotton or artificial fabrics and are meant to be long lasting. Many tablecloths are designed to be easy to wipe clean including Vinyl and PVC coated tablecloth options and synthetic materials like disposable plastic tablecloth. If you are looking for great tablecloths for formal presentation, you can go for silk, linen or lace. However, it is a good idea to choose great tablecloths that are machine washable.

Shape and Size

While selecting right tablecloth for your setting, the shape and size is a very significant factor. A wide variety of shapes and sizes of tablecloths are easily available. Among the most popular shapes are rectangular and round, because these tablecloths cover the traditional types of tables that most people have in their homes. While determining the size of the tablecloth, it is important to know the size of the table on which it would be placed, keeping in view that tablecloths should hang down the side of the table up to at least 30 cm.

With an appropriate selection of luxurious tablecloth, you can add a powerful decorative element in your dining settings and transform it in a unique and stylish place.