Molly Goddard FALL 2022 READY-TO-WEAR

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It was back to a proper fashion show for Molly Goddard this season. It made for a giddily happy reunion of friends, with one fresh face in the front row gazing intently on the wonder of people swishing their colorful skirts along the high-up catwalk: Goddard’s baby Frank.

Inter-generational Goddard family memories of Molly’s early days of growing up in West London in the ’80s were the makings of her theme. Back then, Goddard said, she was riveted by the formative influence of seeing how her mom Sarah’s glamorous friend—a bleach blonde with a flower stuck in her hair—was dressed when she dropped into their home off Portobello Market.

That was the period when there was a kind of DIY post-New Wave ’80s/’50s vintage craze going on, thrown together by arty girls with army surplus clothes sourced from Camden Market stalls and old men’s tweedy overcoats. “I thought she was a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jones [of The Clash] and I based this collection around her,” said Goddard.

Which explained the re-manifestation of multi-ruffled net poodle skirts and swishy fishtail dresses, styled with contradictory oversized trad knitwear, big ’40s or ’50s coats, and the odd helping of tattered fabric that might have been converted from country house upholstery.

In other words: still true to Molly Goddard customers who apparently can never get enough of her ruffly net party dresses, but this time with more in the way of sensible outerwear to combat the weather in the streets—and, come to think of it, plenty of cozy layers which could be very handy to stock up on in anticipation of enduring the next British winter with the heating turned off.