The Spring Essentials That All Men Should Have

The Spring Essentials That All Men Should Have
The Spring Essentials That All Men Should Have

These six top picks are all you need for the spring 2010.

When the season changes it brings the need for a change in the outlook and dress sense with it. Its fun to pick new things according to the weather. This gives the chance to add everything that is trendy in your wardrobe. His enable you to look trendy and fashionable. Some of the new trends for spring 2010 men’s fashion are listed below in order to keep you updated and keep you looking trendy and stylish.

Trench Coat

The new modern trench coat designed by Armani jeans is a must have for this season. It can be worn comfortably in spring. It is stylish and the price is affordable.

Sport Coat or Blazer

Sport coats have become an essential part of male wardrobe. Men can wear coats with jeans and look in style. Blazers and sport coats can also be used as layering pieces in the spring season

Brogue Wingtips

Brogue wingtips are gaining momentum in the fashion industry again. The fashion industry is showing them off with shorts and skinny jeans, and a tee or a blazer. The best thing about these shoes is that they are not even very expensive.

Patterned Sport Shirt

Plaid shirts that have patterns are the new in thing. Both bold and subtle prints can be worn this spring. Subtle plaid prints have a retro feel so they look more stylish.

Cotton Suit

A cotton shirt is the best thing to have in summers. They can be worn to work as well as weddings. Pair them with jeans or pants and you are good to go anywhere.

Something Pink

Pink is the statement for spring. A pink shirt or sweater can be worn anywhere in spring. Pink also suits most skin tones. Pink is fun and casual and can make you look up-to-date.