Turkey – Where Cultures Meet!

Turkey - Where Cultures Meet - Celebrity Vacation Spots
Turkey - Where Cultures Meet - Celebrity Vacation Spots

This summer season, the best choice of a vacation spot for you is Turkey.

This summer season, the best choice of a vacation spot for you is Turkey. Yes! Turkey, a place where cultures meet and the diversity blooms! You will get mesmerized by the broad palette of options that Turkey gives you starting from its Grand Bazaar to colorful festivals, the evil eye and the Turkish food; the country is full with rich history, culture, traditions and it gives the visitors a one of a kind experience.
Summers are a good time to visit the inlands of Turkey where the temperatures do not raise much. Also, summer is time in Turkey when many of its age old festivals are organized like Marmaris festival, the Yacht show etc. It will be ideal for you to have fun and an exciting experience with your friends and family members.
In Turkey, the accommodation and travelling is fairly easy and you can select hotels according to your budget easily. All you need to make sure is that you book a place near to most of the activities that you want to do so that you can conveniently roam on foot to the nearby restaurants and bazaars too which has its own charms.
Dining in Turkey is simply heavenly. Turkish food is one of the most popular foods around the globe and this is one of those vacation spot of the world where you are bound to fall in love with the different and large variety of food. The Turkish kebabs, Shawarma, breads, desserts, coffee and a lot more are just dreamlike for your taste buds. Almera restaurant, Villa Dream restaurant a few kebab houses are the most popular of all in this delicious vacation spot. The restaurants remain open till late night in Turkey and you can sit back, relax and eat comfortably with friends and family members.
The top three most popular tourist attractions in Turkey include; Turkish flavors, Sky Sports Paragliding and historic sightseeing. Turkish flavors is very interesting as it would be a vacation trip for your taste buds and you will roam around Turkey through a tour to taste different Turkish foods, wines, coffee and spices and can also take them with you back to home. For a more thrilling activity, the paragliding activity in Turkey is a must for you to try on. This will give you a true feeling of being in a thrilling vacation spot and also, the view of Turkey while paragliding is just breath-taking to witness.
The most important attraction in Turkey is the Shrine of Maulana Rumi where a festival is held every year on the death anniversary of Maulana Jelaluddin Rumi, a 13th century Sufi poet. It is located in Konya and you have to plan months ahead for the Rumi tour as it is very heavily packed with tourists and the bookings get closed. It is the most amazing sight which gives you an insight to the Muslim culture and the dances by Darvesh people at the shrine spell-bind you with the Sufi mystics and divinity. Apart from this, there are many beautiful palaces and mosques in Turkey that are a must visit for many tourists especially do not miss out the blue mosque and Hagia Sofia. Hagia Sofia is unbelievably beautiful and gives you an inside look to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
Indeed, Turkey is a great place for you and your family and friends to visit and witness the beauty of east meeting west. The Turkish culture is extremely beautiful and will impress you in many different ways when you visit this breath-taking vacation spot this year.