Prince Charles’ pledge to the Queen: ‘I’ll make you proud as King’

After seven decades as heir, Prince Charles is ready to ascend the throne and has promised his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, that he’ll carry on her legacy as best he can during his own reign.

In 1947, when she was just a 21-year-old princess, Her Majesty pledged that her whole life, whether it was long or short, would be dedicated to servicing the Commonwealth.

As she climbed in age to her 90s, her determination to remain as sovereign held steadfast, with the beloved monarch insisting she still enjoyed very good health.

But after a string of setbacks in the past few months, including her current COVID-19 diagnosis, the Queen, now 95, could relinquish most of her duties to Charles, 73, effectively making him Prince Regent.

“The Queen and Charles met at the beginning of the year and spoke pragmatically about if and when she should step down,” shares a palace insider. “It was a difficult conversation, but one they knew they must have. It was a day they all knew might come eventually, but it doesn’t make it any easier on Her Majesty.

“Charles has spent his entire life absorbing from his mother what it means to be the monarch, and he has assured her that when the time comes he is determined to make her proud.”

When the pandemic entered a new surge before Christmas, the Queen felt it was time to make a “new plan”. During her meeting with Charles, she expressed her desire to “get through” her platinum celebrations in June, says the source, and then passes the baton to him.

“Though, her COVID diagnosis may speed that process up even further, depending on how well she comes through it,” continues the source.

The Queen hinted at such a decision earlier this month when she announced that her son’s second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, should be known as Queen Consort “when the time comes”.

“That was a test to see how well the public would react to a King Charles and Queen Camilla, and she was pleased with the result,” says a source. “A few years ago, it would’ve been out of the question.”

New Idea understands that “trusted figures” in her family have been made aware of her decision to stand down, including Princess Anne, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Adds the source: “For all the chaos that has surrounded her family in recent months, the Queen is content to leave her legacy in the hands of Charles and Camilla, especially given they have Anne, William, and Kate alongside for support.”